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If your career involves legal, consulting, or advisory work involving animals


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Every email, query or file to Guardianz goes directly to the Principal of Guardianz…

…from there it's a case of figuring out what's the best way to help each client.

Anyone with dealings that involve animals already knows that this is a field with multiple animal-related disciplines and specialities.

As part of that commitment to "figuring out what's the best way to help each client" Guardianz Animal Law routinely uses its own expertise to consider where and how the input of additional experts might best assist the client's case, interests and objectives.

Animal Law Professionals

"Do you know someone who...."? It's that same old question when you're looking to fill a gap. We often rely on networks, word of mouth, or those google stars again.

"If only I'd known about him/her/ that back when...": Animal law involves so many areas and so many experts - many who are unknown to each other.

So as part of the commitment to helping animal lawyers connect with experts and vice versa, we've put this initiative together. It's straight forward - it's a register of experts that have interests or skills involving animals.

Yes, it's FREE. Yes, your information is kept confidentially with us unless there's authorisation from you to provide your details.

It will take you less than 3 minutes to complete the form at the bottom of this page. Easy as that - but if you've got questions then please do get in contact with us.

P.S. If you know of someone who you'd recommend as an expert then please either let them know about this registry or you can tell us about them and we'll reach out to them.

It couldn't be simpler

  • When we are looking for an expert in a particular area then
  • We contact you to see if you might be available.

Simple as that.

In time, we'll look at other initiatives for the professionals registered. But small steps to begin with is the idea.

Examples of animal advisors, consultants and professionals include Lawyers, Farm consultants, Policy advisors, Animal nutritionists, Behaviourists, Veterinarians,  Food industry consultants, Biosecurity advisers, Rural advisors and financiers, Environmental law and policy, Animal products experts, Animal research and science, Farm business advisors and accountants, ...

... we know this is just a few of the number of roles people have which involve animals so if your discipline doesn't come under one of the headings on the form below then just let us know and we'll add it.

Queries? Then please contact us.


"I am a Chartered Accountant in public practice and provided accounting, tax and business advisory support to Ian in handling a case involving a mutual client ... Ian is well connected and brought on board additional fire-power where needed. His team left no risk/opportunity unexplored and alongside accountants, hygiene experts, and food experts he provided legal options that demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the client, the industry, and the client's business. Should you require legal advice in the area of law that Ian practises, I recommend that you get Ian on your team." (Fred Yuen, Chartered Accountant)