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A focus on seeing animal law done really well because when it's not, all stakeholders lose.                        

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That relationship between people and animals is inseparable so when it's properly looked after then people and animals' benefit. Conversely, when it's not done properly, everybody loses. Businesses and communities falter, the lives of people are turned upside down, and animals needlessly suffer.

So my "why" is to help people and organizations navigate the animal law steps toward their animal-related objectives in a way that’s safe and smart. And I’ve always had a deep commitment to protecting those who are being unfairly or improperly treated.

Every email, query or file to Guardianz comes to me and from there it's a case of figuring out what's the best way to help you.

Ian A. Robertson: Barrister, Veterinarian, and Principal of Guardianz Animal Law

Preventing and resolving animal law issues

Guardianz Animal Law takes a proactive approach to looking after clients' needs involving an animal - whatever the size of the issue or level of complexity.

Guardianz Animal Law:

  • Operates throughout New Zealand providing specialist legal advice and support on animal law issues
  • Works internationally in countries which include, for example, Australia, the United Kingdom and the European Union
  • Has established strategic alliances nationally and internationally.

Prevention is better than cure is sage advice that applies just as much to animal law as many other fields.

  • We encourage clients to seek advice before things go wrong.
  • Drawing on our expertise, national and international multi-disciplinary networks and strategic alliances, we offer our clients a knowledgeable, insightful and pragmatic approach to preventing problems arising, in preference to lurching from fire-fight to fire-fight.
  • Our advice is tailored to the relevant industry, its stakeholders and our wide insider knowledge of the drivers to animal-related industries.
  • Litigation is rarely, if ever, a preferred first option. However, in association with strategic partners, Guardianz Animal Law provides knowledgeable, robust and professional litigation when litigation is necessary.
  • Guardianz has the alliances and networks to muster the people and know-how to look after any client's animal-related legal issue irrelevant of the size or complexity of that issue.